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Your Own Cooking Show on TV- and Your Own Cooking CHANNEL!?

Cooking Show on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, AppleTV
Cooking Show on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, AppleTV

Do You Love Making Your Own Foodie/Cooking Videos?

You Can Have YOUR OWN TV Channel on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and AppleTV Almost Instantly

YouTube Cooking Shows are all the rave, but why not take it to the next level and have your own Cooking/Foodie Channel on Roku and other OTT platforms?

Can Having a Cooking Show on Your Own TV Channel (Roku & Amazon Fire TV) Make You a Next-Level Chef?

If you’re looking to get more out of your cooking career, and you have already created a lot of videos for your YouTube Channel, why not also highlight those same videos (and new ones) on your TV Channel?

Keep reading to learn how having a TV Channel (in addition to YouTube) can help improve your skills, supplement your income, and change your career.

How to Start a Cooking TV Channel on Roku/Amazon Fire TV/AppleTV

A successful channel takes a lot of work, but we’ve broken down how to start your Roku Channel cooking show into these simple steps:

  • Remember that if you ALREADY have a nice following on YouTube, and already create cooking videos, this is an additional step that can 30-million potential MORE viewers to your show!
  • Watch a lot of other cooking shows. Check out what others are doing and see where you could add something new to the market. Form your concept around something you’re confident that you can do well with a unique perspective.

For Beginners:

  • Figure out how you will brainstorm, test recipes, film, and edit. Write up a schedule that works for your life and stick to it. Regular uploads (once per week or more) will help you retain followers.
  • Create a story board for each show before you film. Practice talking viewers through the recipe, and think about what shots you want to get of your dish. Consider what will be most helpful and most enticing to your audience.
  • Create social media profiles to promote your channel. For example, post stills of your videos on Instagram, or ask your followers to suggest new recipes on Twitter.

For Seasoned Pros and even Intermediate Skill Video Creators:

  • Decide on what to show on your new TV Channel- all videos? Or a selection?
  • Cross-promote YouTube and your new TV Channel on all videos.
  • Add a call to action and some “secret tips” or information that can only be found on your TV Channel. This promotes subscribers!
  • Promote your new TV Channel on all social media

How to Create Content for a TV Channel on Roku/Amazon Fire TV/AppleTV

To gain a loyal base of subscribers, you should upload at least one video per week. Viewers want to see a unique twist on each dish you do, because that’s what will keep them interested.

Here are some tips for planning your TV Channel content:

•             Create a content calendar. It’s easiest to keep your subscribers’ attention when you’re producing content for them regularly. Mapping out your videos on a calendar will help you stay organized.

•             Try to account for running out of ideas as you plan your content. Creativity comes and goes in bursts, so consider producing more videos when you’re full of concepts.

•             Ask your viewers what they’d like to see. Create a relationship with your subscribers so that you can create content that you know they’ll be interested in. They can leave comments on your videos or social media accounts with ideas for you.

How to Gain Exposure for Your Channel

  • Cross-promoting your TV Channel and your YOUTUBE Channel is a must.
  • Offering content that is ONLY available on your TV Channel will increase subscribers tremendously!
  • Your channel WILL be available in a Google search. That’s right! When people Google your show’s NAME, they will see it in a Google Search.
  • Explain to people HOW to subscribe to your TV Channel

Be Prepared for the Time Commitment

While YouTube and TV Channels gives you schedule flexibility, running a successful YouTube channel and its supporting social media profiles is practically a 24/7 job. Subscribers may want daily content on other platforms because they can’t get enough of your unique perspective.

Ways to Market Your New Cooking Channel

Use short, amazing video titles.

The title is the first thing users see when they find your content.

Here are some basic tips for writing TV Channel Video titles:

  • Keep it short and sweet. Short titles are easier to read and pack a punch.
  • Most channel surfers focus on the beginning of the sentence and skip the rest.
  • No clickbait. The best headlines offer an obvious benefit or create an emotional reaction. Clickbait is tempting, but as with any media platform, not worth it.

Create custom thumbnails

Thumbnails matter, because we are visual creatures!

With TV Channels, you have the option of letting the system create the thumbnail for you or providing your own. Thumbnails work the same way they do for your YouTube channel.

To boost views, create an eye-catching custom thumbnail for every video you post.

Offer real value

This may seem obvious, but your audience has the ability to rate your channel. Get 5-stars every time!

Great content is the best way to keep viewers engaged—and the most effective way to get great ratings.

Before you publish any video, ask yourself:

  • What problem does this video solve?
  • Is it entertaining?
  • Will it improve viewers lives in any way?

Create high-quality videos

Poor audio/video quality can undermine even the best content. Make sure your content looks and sounds professional before you post it. Use a decent camera, do a sound check before recording, and learn some basic editing skills.

Be active in your social media communities.

Promote Your TV Channel on Social Media
Promote Your TV Channel on Social Media

Example- Guiding the audience to the Roku Channel Store: To see the Valerie V Show on Roku- visit this link from your computer:

Creating videos and having a TV Channel is all about finding your niche and building your following within it.

  • Talk about your TV Channel as “another place” to get great content.
  • Another place to relax after dinner and watch you on the BIG SCREEN!
  • Offer solutions, tips, or information that can only be found on your TV Channel.
  • Help people understand how to subscribe to your channel.


Sponsorships are another way to broaden your reach, and monetize your TV Channel! They can also help you come up with new content when you’re stuck for ideas.

But there’s one rule for any successful sponsorship: Be real.

  • Identify potential sponsors that reflect your personality and your audience’s needs.
  • Does it make sense to partner with them?
  • Will it provide value to your viewers?

Respect Your Audience

If your channel is suitable for all ages (a choice you make when setting up your channel), remain true to that choice.

Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your little sister to see. Otherwise, your channel will get flagged and possibly removed.

Create a series

Consistency pays off. Post videos on a regular schedule to keep viewers coming back to your channel again and again.


Categories are a great way to get people watching more of your content. That’s because these descriptions are a little addicting. As soon as one video ends, the next begins. Categories also help with discoverability.

On your channel, group existing videos together under a common theme. This keeps viewers on your channel.

Go live

Did you know you can go live on your TV Channel? Yes! Just like YouTube, Facebook, or any other streaming platform.  Take advantage of this by creating content that really engages viewers.

Tell them in advance that you are going live!

Add a call-to-action

Include an awesome CTA in your video to make the most of your hard-earned audience.

Maybe you want to push your viewers to visit your website. Whatever the “ask,” the best CTAs are always clear, compelling, and urgent.

Direct Host-Mentions: Look into the camera and verbally tell viewers what you want them to do.

Video Descriptions: Ask viewers to visit your website in the description.

Pre- Mid- and Post-Roll Ads: Add a quick AD to the beginning, middle, or end of the video. These powerful visual cues add punch to your CTA.

Cross-promote your TV channel

Reach out to audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube to build a community around your TV channel. Find ways to incorporate mentions in your blog, email newsletter, and other social media accounts.

Email marketing

Email may be old school, but it’s effective.

Create an email list of followers. Then, give them a heads up every time you post new content. It’s an easy way to increase your video’s view count early on.

You can take advantage of your email signature too. A simple link to your TV Channel below your name is a non-pushy way to gain subscribers.

Balance trending content with evergreen videos

Upload a few timeless videos that your subscribers will return to again and again. Popular evergreen content includes how-to guides, tools and resources lists, stat collections, tip roundups, and more.

Find out what works (and do more of it)

Take a deep dive into your data to understand your audience on a deeper level. Both Roku and Amazon Fire TV give in-depth analytics data to help you succeed.

  • How old are they?
  • What level of schooling did they complete?
  • What is their household income?
  • Which video styles do they prefer?

Use this information to create content that truly captures their interests.

In summary, adding a TV Channel to your suite of online marketing strategies is a great way to increase authority, trust, and expertise in the eyes of your audience.

The cost is affordable for small businesses, influencers, sports teams, religious organizations and just about anyone who already creates videos for YouTube and Facebook.

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