Create Your Own TV Channel for
Your Organization or Business Today!

6 Ways to 10x Your Visibility, Get More Exposure, Trust, and Authority with Your Growing Audience

  1. Expand your reach! Add more platforms, especially ones you can automate. Have you considered a #TV Channel yet?
    • Weird, right? Not so fast…#OTT (over-the-top TV) is the fastest growing viewer segment EVER. (Netflix, Hulu, etc).
    • You and your business can have a TV Channel on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, AppleTV, and for Livestreaming your events, thoughts and daily musings. And, even better, it can all be automated.
    • Automate tons of platforms like twitter, facebook, twitch, Pinterest, sometimes Instagram, and many more, but remember showing up and being social is ALWAYS important.

2. Yes, Video.

Video is probably a huge part of your existence if you are an influencer, but what about podcasters and small businesses? Adding video is a huge plus.

Scared? Don’t be. Things have changed. Oh yes. No makeup and only a smartphone for video? Perfect. People love the real you.

3. Engagement is Queen (Content is King)

Engage with your audience- answer questions, ask questions, thank people for their time, their comments.

Asking and answering questions is a great way to put yourself out there to make new connections. The first rule of social media is to be social. The best way to sell on social media is to sell yourself first.

Asking questions on your profile, pages and groups will get people involved even if it isn’t business related. It will also help to open the algorithm for your posts to be seen by more people. The more you can get people to engage the more your posts will be seen. As people start to engage with your content they will see it more regularly. That means they will see your promotions as well.

People do business with people and you have to make connections for people to know, like and trust you. Answering questions is the best way to help and let people get to know you and ultimately trust you to buy your products or services.

Create a group- commit the time and energy to growing your group, engaging with your group, and educating.

4. Get personal.

Let your audience get to know you. Remember people do business with people so you need to showcase you, your talents and your interests.

Entrepreneurs seem to either LOVE or HATE social media. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground here. There are many reasons for this but the most prevalent reason is that there are so many people that are introverts that do not like to promote themselves at all.

Whether you love it or hate it there are probably some things you can do to get more personal. Start blending a little more of your personal life into your posts. People want to know you.

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5. Be Inspirational

Since the invention of social media networking, sharing inspirational quotes has been the most widely used form of posting on social media. Today with all of the negativity and bullying on social media we could all use a little more encouragement.

There are many ways to encourage and share goodwill online. People are naturally drawn to positive people and will want to join in which in turn pays it forward!

Inspiring others to take action will make people take note of your ability to lead and hopefully want to work with you.

6. Stay Current!

Current events are a great way to capitalize on local and national happenings. There is no shortage of content surrounding events. People are always celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and more. Celebrating with gifs and comments can go a long way for exposure.

People love to be recognized so be on the lookout for accomplishments that you can congratulate others for as well. Be sure to post your own content but be on the lookout for other people’s content that you can like, comment and share to gain exposure.

There are always specific hashtags for events to be sure to use those to get more traction and exposure for your content.


There are more ways than EVER to expand your reach. The newest consideration for all of you video content creators, is having your own TV Channel. Do it now, reap the rewards over the next couple of years…be the pioneer…just like Gary V and others.

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