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Your Business Needs a TV Channel.

We create and manage television channels on the biggest On-Demand Channel Hosts: Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and Live Streaming is available.

Who Does This Work For?

  • Influencers, Podcasters, YouTubers
  • Independent Film Makers
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Business Meetup Organizations
  • School District
  • Sports Teams (High School and Up)
  • Small Businesses/ Large Businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Musicians/ Bands
  • Radio Show Hosts
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Chefs and Foodies


Your Own TV Channel On Roku, Amazon, Apple TV

What We Do for You:

"You. On TV, NOW!" clients gain visibility, authority, and trust. They find new ways to reach a bigger audience beyond YouTube and Facebook, and new ways to monetize their content that weren't possible before.

We do this by providing them with a TV Channel on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and AppleTV, as well as offering live streaming to their channels.

We empower our clients by teaching them how to market their new channel, and how to attract sponsors and advertisers.

If you are person, brand or business already creating videos, add a TV Channel to your suite of marketing activities!

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Your Own TV Channel on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, AppleTV.

27 Million Active Roku Users

30 Million Amazon Fire TV Active Subscribers

Your Clients/Fans Learn About You, at Home, on Their Own TV!

Everyone has a different marketing strategy, but here are some perfect examples of how having a TV Channel helps businesses like these:

✔ Influencer: Our YouTube Channel viewers are growing by leaps and bounds. We wanted to reach an additional audience without a lot of work. We implemented our own TV Channel with the same videos. Our audience grew by thousands. We monetized the channel and actually make MORE money from our TV Channel than we do with our YT Channel. We can’t be “demonetized” based on our content, it’s freedom!

✔ Podcaster: Our podcast has a nice size audience. We record our podcasts on video as well as audio. When we added our TV Channel- and told our audience about it, the audience not only loved it, but our subscriber base went up within hours. Monetization was so much easier with our TV Channel, because we are in complete control.

✔ School District: "This was one of our best decisions ever. No parent or grandparent ever has to miss a game, a concert, a play, or musical performance. All of our events are recorded on video, so now, we either live stream the event or record it and upload the video replay to our channel. We also put announcements and upcoming events and schedules on the channel. And, the kids LOVE seeing themselves on TV!"

✔ Chamber of Commerce: "We are a small CHoC in a small town. Adding a TV Channel to our marketing strategy has allowed our business owners to market themselves day after day with just a small monthly payment. Our membership loves this option. It keeps our town "aware" of all special events."

✔ Financial Advisor: "Our office has a YouTube Channel and a Facebook Business page with videos, but our older clients love to tune in to our Channel on Roku or Amazon Fire TV. They get to see our latest news, events, updates, and advice. We give NEW prospects a list of places where they can view our information- having a TV Channel is pretty impressive!"

✔ Local Church: "We have a lot of folks who can't make it to church every Sunday because of a decline in their health. Sometimes families need to stay home on Sunday because someone in the house is sick (kids). All they have to do is pull up the most recent service on our TV Channel, and they can all watch together at their leisure. We have YouTube and Facebook, but having the TV Channel has helped our congregation feel "together" no matter where they are."

✔ A Local Band: "We have a strong following and tons of videos online. We decided to invest in a TV Channel for additional exposure. We are booked solid through the next year. Some of our fans watch our show on Roku or Amazon Fire TV. If they can't be there in person, they can always enjoy the show on their BIG screen later. Having our own channel has been a huge win for us. We even have bars and venues that leave our channel on during the day when there is no live music!"

✔ Local Orthodontist: "Sometimes our new young patients are a little scared about coming to see us for the first time. We give Mom and Dad a list of places they can view us online- like YouTube, Facebook, and our TV Channel! The kids can sit and watch our "About Us" videos and see other children smiling and happy in our office. Not only does this help the kids prepare for their first visit, but it helps reassure Mom and Dad that we are really a friendly and compassionate group of professionals who care about our kids. Having our channel has been super rewarding!"

✔ Chamber of Commerce: "We use our channel to highlight a different business all week long. We post events, information, interviews with members. It compliments our YouTube Channel and our Facebook Business page. Our members love seeing themselves, and new members are joining because we are so member-centric in our marketing!"

✔ Local Restaurant: "Having our own "Food Channel" has increased our revenue considerably. We highlight our specials and talk about the ingredients and preparation. We have become much more focused on sharing video, and the results are more patrons and more revenue!"

✔ A Local Car Dealership: "This venue helps us sell every day of the week and in the evenings too. Customers get to know our sales team. We earn their trust with every testimonial video and every picture of happy, smiling clients in our videos. Our channel sells for us 24/7. Our high-end cars that sell to an older population are highlighted. These folks may not be YouTube users, but they are watching TV!"

✔ Local Pediatrician: "Our channel services many purposes. We have videos about different diseases and common childhood issues. Parents can watch 24/7. We also have "About Us" videos for all of our doctors and staff members. The kids get to know us long before they come in to see us. It decreases their fear and anxiety and makes for a fun appointment. We also update our clients on the latest bugs going around (colds, flu, stomach viruses). Potential clients who do not know us can watch our channel first and then decide if they want to use our services. Our schedules are getting fully booked!"

Why Choose Streaming TV?
Viewers Are Ditching Cable For Streaming Faster Than Anyone Expected

March 21, 2019-

The MPAA says streaming video has surpassed cable subscriptions worldwide.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) reported today that the world’s entertainment market — encompassing both theatrical and home releases — grew to a new high in 2018: $96.8 billion, 9 percent over 2017.

In particular, it highlighted the rapid growth of streaming video, which grew to 613 million subscriptions worldwide, an increase of 27 percent over 2017.

When it comes to streaming video, the MPAA reports that subscriptions surpassed cable television for the first time, with 131.2 million new subscriptions added, rising to 613.3 million worldwide, a jump of 27 percent over 2017’s numbers. The report says that cable subscriptions dropped by 2 percent to 556 million.

This signifies that the trend for watching Broadcast TV has continued its fall since 2017 with those viewers switching to Streaming TV.

According to a CNBC Economic Survey 57% of the public has some form of streaming service. This number is rapidly growing.

What does all this mean for you?

This enables businesses and companies to now build a large viewer audience and set themselves up as an authority as we all know that the power of TV creates that something special.